Car Electrical Air Pump Mini Portable Wireless Tire Inflatable deflate Inflator Air Compressor Pump&TPMS Motorcycle Bicycle ball

Ships From: China
Color Name: CQB-103-BLACK-TPMS
Sale price$120.00 USD


Pay close attention to tire pressure

you need a wireless portable Inflatable Pump with you

Compare with other homes

Built-in scene VS manual resolution

Our inflatable pump is set to five inflatable modes with a higher frequency of use at the factory, which can be intelligently selected according to the scene; other homes have no built-in modes that require manual adjustment.

Full stop VS manual control

Our air pump has two LED display screens, which display the current tire pressure and preset tire pressure at the same time.

Memory function VS manual adjustment

The air pump in this shop can record the tire pressure of the last inflated tire, and the tire pressure data can be selected intelligently when inflated next time, without manual adjustment like other homes.

Type-c VS single Android port

Our air pump has an external type-c charging port. Others basically only have one Android port, which is very inconvenient.

Storage air tube VS no storage place

The air pump is small in design and can be held by hand. There is a place to store the air tube, so it is not easy to lose; other homes do not have a built-in air tube to store, which is easy to lose.

Recommended guide

It can display 2 tire pressures at the same time, preset tire pressure and real-time monitoring tire pressure to prevent bursting!

It can be used as a power bank to power other devices, with a full metal body.

TPMS-100 can help you monitor the tire temperature and pressure status in real time. If there is any abnormality, it will alarm immediately. At this time, you can use CQB-100 to inflate the tires.


1. Why did you not receive the hose?

The inflation hose of CQB-100 is stored in the inflator. You can check whether there is any protruding part on the top, which needs to be pulled out manually.

2. Prompt the question of E02

No need to worry, it reminds E02 that this is the self-protection function of the air pump. When the surrounding environment is overheated, the overheating protection is activated. You only need to cool down for a few minutes before using it.

3. Why doesn't it work?

First of all, ensure that the air pump received is fully charged; for safety, we did not fully charge the air pump when we shipped it, so it is recommended to fully charge it before starting work after receiving it.
If it still does not work after fully charged, it is recommended to check whether the tire pressure is set correctly. Different tires have different tire pressures. For example, a bicycle tire of 20 to 30 inches is suitable for a tire pressure of 38~55PSI.

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