BOMAKER 100W TV SoundBar Bluetooth Speaker 2.0 Channel Home Theater Sound System Sound Bar Built-in Subwoofer with Remote Contro

Ships From: China
Color: Odine IV
Woofer Size/Full-Range Size: US Plug
Sale price$158.66 USD


Brand Name:BOMAKER
Communication:Optical Input
Speaker Type:SOUND BAR
Power Source:AC
Power Source:USB
Number of Loudspeaker Enclosure:1
Cabinet Material:Metal
Audio Crossover:Full-Range
Channels:2 (2.0)
Input Power(W):100-199 W
Intelligent Personal Assistant:NONE
Output Power:100W
Tweeter material:Metal
Bluetooth Version:5.0
Active Noise-Cancellation:Passive with active sabwoofer
Woofer/Widerange material:Metal
Remote Control:Yes
Playback Function:mp3
Playback Function:FLAC
Playback Function:APE
Playback Function:DVD
Playback Function:CD
Playback Function:Other
Playback Function:ALAC
Playback Function:DSD
Playback Function:WAV
Voice Control:Yes
Total Harmonic Distortion:0.5%
Display Screen:Yes
Built-in Microphone:Yes
Feature:Phone Function
Feature:Dolby Digita
Feature:Wireless Charger for Mobile Phone
Feature:Display Visual Information
Feature:Play Video
Feature:Video Call
Feature:Wireless subfoofer
Feature:Wireless rear speakers
Feature:Gold-plated connectors
Feature:Auto Standby
Model Number:Odine IV/Odine I/Odine V/Odine III
Frequency Range:50Hz-20KHz
Odine I Size::94cmx8.5cmx7.4cm
Odine V Size::93.5cmx9.2cmx6.5cm
Odine IV Size::85cmx7.8cmx6cm
Odine III Size::37inchx3.86inchx2.68inch



  • 3D Seamless Soundstage: with 4 full-range and 2 tweeter drivers, 6 speakers covering mid-range, treble frequency well, clearly restore sounds in different height and depth, providing a more realistic multi-dimensional audio experience.

  • less than 0.5% Distortion: Without the issue of hissing noise at low volume. 1.5L ultra-large speaker cavity and over 2.6inch tall, the soundbar creates rich, powerful bass, the seperate left and right two0channel sound systems can achieve obvious sound image positioning and open sound field effect.

  • Distinct Sound Modes: Get Deep, booming bass with built-in subwoofer. You can better fine tune your audio to match your favorite sound with multi equalizer sound. Set it between Hifi, Dynamic, Music, Movies, News, Game or 3D surround sound to hear and feel every instrument, dialogue, explosion, and detail with clear and ear-pleasing loudness.

  • 2-In-1 CEC Remote Control: Easier control your TV & soundbar with 1 remote. Included different cables, easily connect to your TV, pc or laptop via HDMI ARC, Optical, AUX, USB. Features 5.0 Bluetooth with up to 33 feet ranges so you can stream with your mobile phone or tablets anywhere in the room with just a tap of a finger.

  • Stable Connection & Simplify Setup: No problem of unsynchronized disconnection when using. To connect roku, samsung other model tv, please turn on pcm stereo. The led lights can be turned off or model switched by wireless remote control, making it easier to use at night.

3D Surround Audio Soundbar

Hear Your TV Sound Better with this Ultra-Slim Soundbar

✔Feel the Cinematic experience with up to 2.0-4 powerful full-range drivers+ 2x bass reflex tube speakers, reproducing ultra deep, low, bass surround sounds

✔Dedicated 100W peak power big sound speaker, input a clearer dialogue and 0.5% lower distortion nature sound design

✔HDMI-ARC connection, watch your favorite shows on your 4K HD Smart TV with exceptional picture quality & crystal clear sound

Enjoy Sound as a Breath of Fresh Air

Why Yours Flat Screen TV Needs a Soundbar?

-Most TVs have tiny&weak speakers which make dialog difficult to hear

What do Our Soundbars Bring?

-Seamless 3d surround sound design elevates great sound and dialog clarity

-9 EQ sounds design, especially the Dynamic & Hi-Fi optimization makes you feel a more immersive experience with movies, games, and news

-HDMI-ARC connection support offer excellent fidelity sound for movies and music

-With upgraded 5.0 Bluetooth, more stable, and with 4x speed, 2x transmission rate than 4.2 BT

-The Night mode and CEC remote control function, set your tv sound quick and no light bothers

Multi-Specialized Sound Design

A good soundbar isn’t just for a unilateral sound, it should be differents

Always be a voice you like

Enjoy your favorite entertainment channels with these specialized sound modes for News, Movies, ect. You will hear every instrument, dialogue, explosion, and detail with pristine clarity

✔Distinctive Dynamic & Hi-Fi Sound: HiFi-Restore the truest sound and you can hear every note, dialogue, perfect for watching sci-fi, war, Roker music, or game sound. Dynamics able to create drama and different intensities sound, and restore the astonishing bass sound throughout a movie or gaming.

✔With other News, Movies, Music, 3D (only switch in movie mode), you can enjoy diverse rich audio experiences filling in the room, whether it’s a loud gaming match or a drama with quiet dialogue, for the best entertainment experience.

Quick, hassle-free Setup

BT 5.0 Wirelessly Music Playing

✔With numerous connection possibilities, enjoy a quick, easy setup connecting to your TV via the HDMI ARC, optical input & AUX. and Bluetooth

✔Especialist the upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 with 4x speed, 2x transmission rate and spread area vs 4.2 BT. You can play your favorite music or podcasts with advanced wireless Bluetooth.

Ultra-Slim Stylish design

✔This 35'' slim soundbar at just 4'' tall, it fits most tv space-easily wall mount or places it anywhere of the room, and It won’t block your views

Q. How to connect the soundbar with your tv via HDMI cable?

A. Please connect an HDMI cable from the Tv's ARC port (HDMI) to the ARC port on the soundbar

B. Switch the input mode to "ARC" which means ARC input, then turn on PCM settings on your tv, It will work properly

Q: CEC Remote Function can't work?

A. Using tv remote to adjust the volume or turn on/off the soundbar and tv only in HDMI ARC input

Q: 3: If you find that there is no sound when playing Netflix or Prime, ect

A. Need to find the Audio setting option and select Stereo instead of Dolby

B: Sound bars for TV does not support Dolby Sound and DTS


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