HD Protective Film for Laptops 12 13 14 15 17 inch Flexible Glass Film 16:9 Laptop Screen protector Lenovo ASUS HP Xiaomi Dell

Ships From: Russian Federation
Color: 15.6 344x194mm
Sale price$40.00 USD


Before sticking the film, please watch the filming tutorial below to prevent bubbles or damage to the sticking

There is a gap of 1-1.5mm around the film to prevent hitting the frame, please center it.


Pls Note that our product is not Hard Glass Film, it is Flexible Glass Film.

Why not recommand your Macbook Pasting hard tempered film?

1.The new model of macbook has a resolution of more than 2K in ultra high definition.Pasting the traditional tempered film, your macbook screen will easilly be water ripples which will affect the visual effect

2.The Hard tempered film is too Thick that affects closure.

Why your Laptop need flexible glass film?

1)Apple bar glass film (flexible glass film):can achieve the effect of more than 2K.
2)The new notebook has a resolution of 2K or more in ultra high definition.The ordinary tempered film (hard film) will have rainbow ripples, which affects the visual effect and bar flexibility.
3)Flexible glass film is optimized with high-quality soft film surface layer covered with glass layer, which can achieve mirror effect

Fully fit, not fragile edges

Each film is opened with real machine, and the edges have been polished many times, so that they are fully fitted without breaking the edges.

Surface glass layer

Scratch resistant Explosion proof

Clear enough No color difference

HD penetration, restore the true color of the screen

Enhanced explosion protection Multi-layer protection

1. The protective layer 2. Glass scratch resistant 3. Blu-ray optics 4. Electrostatic glue 5. The protective layer

Does not affect Notebook closed

Thinness to 0.2mm, the screen can be protected and can be closed normally.

Oil resistant Anti-fingerprint

Anti-finger coating on the surface, hydrophobic and oleophobic, reduce fingerprint and oil stains

The film of my laptop screen will be 1~1.5mm smaller than the screen. If the size exactly matches the top of the film and the frame, it is easy to cause it to not stick.


1xDaily screen cleaning cloth
1 x Dry Alcohol Wipe
1 x Wet Alcohol Wipe
1 x dust removal stickers
1 x bubble shovel
1 x flexible glass film hardness test piece
(After peeling off the two protective layers, it was verified that the cracking of the toughened glass layer can be heard.

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